What is Kradle?

Kradle is self-managed software built by business for business. We are redefining what business software means to businesses and enabling them to realize their competitive potential. Our fully customizable and self-managed software frees your businesses from consultants and rigid systems, allowing you to take charge of your future.

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how is it different?

Unlike other tools, Kradle software is fully customizable and doesn’t require complex coding or schemas built by specialists. Kradle software enables businesses to design, build, implement and manage their own unique data model, digital workflows and reports easily and cost-effectively.

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Database Builder

Workflow Creator

Email and SMS Alerts

Instant User2user Messaging

Data and Workflow Analytics

Customized Report Dashboard

Technical Support

Personalized Onboarding

API Integration

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Early Adopter

We created Kradle Software because we felt that there was a gap in the market for SMEs and that it was due for disruption. Businesses have long been at the mercy of expensive consultancies offering limited options for customizable and integrated business solutions. That is until now.

Michael Haddon

CEO, Kradle

We created a Marketing Operations Management system using Kradle. We’ve streamlined the process of funding requests for campaigns from dispersed marketing staff and can monitor and analyze the relative success of campaigns across the globe. This has meant that managing global marketing spend and analyzing overall ROI can be done centrally so that there is limited wastage or errors.

Raine Gaisford

Global Marketing Manager, Kradle