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About Kradle

In 2015, the CEO of a small Australian business became so frustrated by the constraints imposed by existing business software that he decided to create a new type of solution and break the shackles imposed by large vendors.

Equipped with extensive experience working across a diverse range of industries and markets, he embarked on a challenge to create a piece of software capable of managing the operations of any small or medium-sized business, in any industry.

The design specifications were ambitious: it had to be flexible enough to suit any business, scalable enough for growing businesses, powerful enough to compete with enterprise-grade systems, affordable enough for even the smallest business, and easy enough to use so that even non-technical people could design, build and manage a customized system that perfectly fits their business.

Through his fierce determination to enable businesses like his own to take charge and not relinquish control of their business to suppliers, Kradle came into being and was launched in 2018.

Kradle is self-managed software built by business for business. Find out more about our software. 

Life at Kradle

Kradle staff enjoy deep and meaningful conversations and infectious laughter. We consider ourselves an emotionally mature group of professionals without combative egos or high tolerance for short-lived fashionable business trends. As a result, we don’t have ping-pong tables in the office but we do have a plethora of smart, interesting and sincere professionals working side-by-side.



Excellent quality is extremely important to us. While we appreciate the need for agility, we won’t sacrifice quality to achieve it.


Respect for each other and of the work we are doing as a team. Every individual contribution is equally as important as another in achieving the business objectives.


We want to be the best. And to be the best, we need diversity in life experiences, in culture and in gender so that we can achieve the greatest depth of thought leadership and problem-solving capabilities.


We believe that people and businesses have a responsibility to be compassionate and give to those in need, from helping a busy colleague on a project to donating to charitable causes.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Without a bit of fun, people become bored and boring so we encourage entertainment through games, laughter and regular social events.

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We created Kradle Software because we felt that there was a gap in the market for SMEs and that it was due for disruption. Businesses have long been at the mercy of expensive consultancies offering limited options for customizable and integrated business solutions. That is until now.

Michael Haddon

CEO, Kradle