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Business Process Manager

Kradle customers enhance their business operations by creating digital templates, workflows, and jobs suited to their unique processes that track and measure activities and performance across the business. Unlike other systems which have pre-set layouts and limitations on the number of templates available per license, Kradle software allows for full customization and unlimited variations.

Business process
All files and data are stored and maintained within the Kradle database and the dashboard interface provides greater visibility and control. Businesses can monitor, evaluate and manage tasks and processes from a single source to ensure optimal business efficiency and performance.


Email and SMS integration

Unlimited templates

Full customization

Available anywhere

Create unique business applications

Job and task tracking & management

Email and SMS integration

Unlimited templates

Full customization

Available anywhere

Create unique business applications

Job and task tracking & management


  • What’s the difference between a business application and a mobile app?

    The term “app” is most commonly used to describe software applications built specifically for mobiles and tablets on either an Android or iOS operating system. An app, or application, is simply another way to describe software. It can reside on any infrastructure (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, in-house server or the cloud) and can be accessed through the relevant device on which it has been downloaded, or through a web browser in the case of cloud applications, like Kradle.

    A business application is software which has been created for businesses. Kradle is a business application but because it is versatile and allows for the license owner to create a unique solution using the tools provided, customers can subsequently create their own business application by designing and implementing the Kradle modules in a way that is unique to their business.

    Examples include solutions created to manage funding requests, maintenance scheduling, safety checks or leave requests to name only a few. The varieties are however boundless.

  • What are typical repeatable business processes?

    HR and recruitment are common to most businesses and have highly repeatable tasks and processes including advertising a new role, searching internally through a company skills database, collaborating with hiring managers, coordinating interviews, evaluating shortlists, managing contracts and eventually onboarding a new hire or upskilling an existing employee. Without a documented and closely managed process, errors are probable. This is one of many examples of a critical business process that can be digitized.

    Every business however has a set of unique processes, so Kradle customers will likely use the software differently.

    At Kradle for example, one of our unique processes is managing funding requests from the marketing teams across the globe. We have an online business case which all Marketing Managers need to fill out and have approved before they can run campaigns that align with the global marketing strategy. This online business case goes through a few rounds of review before a PO is raised. Once the campaign is complete, management are then able to compare estimated and actual outcomes and evaluate the success of individual campaigns. In addition, management can compare performance across activity types and regions to identify opportunities and weaknesses.

    Digitizing this process means that we reduce our reliance on email and free up our inboxes, manage resources more effectively, identify any gaps or bottlenecks in the process, provide greater autonomy and accountability to individual team members and have complete visibility over the performance of regional marketing teams and their campaigns so that we can optimize global effectiveness and Return on Investment.

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We created Kradle Software because we felt that there was a gap in the ERP market and that it was due for disruption. Businesses have long been at the mercy of expensive consultancies offering limited ERP options for customizable and integrated business solutions. That is until now.

Michael Haddon

CEO, Kradle

We created a Marketing Operations Management system using Kradle. We’ve streamlined the process of funding requests for campaigns from dispersed marketing staff and can monitor and analyze the relative success of campaigns across the globe. This has meant that managing global marketing spend and analyzing overall ROI can be done centrally so that there is limited wastage or errors.

Raine Gaisford

Global Marketing Manager, Kradle