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Kradle customers are empowered by the capability to design their own data model then build, implement and manage a tailored online database suitable to their unique requirements and organizational structure.

No coding is required and customers can choose whether they create and manage their database in-house or seek assistance from a service provider. Kradle software is easy to use and eliminates the reliance on specialist skills required to create complex schemas for most custom-designed online databases.

The Kradle database module is an SQL relational database which means that it is faster, safer, scalable for future growth and can easily carry out complex queries. Data stored in Kradle software is hosted at a location of choice within the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is backed up and secure which means peace of mind for Kradle customers.


No code, no schemas

Patented blade system

Preview documents, spreadsheets and videos

Unlimited users

Unlimited data storage

Transparent pricing

No code, no schemas

Patented blade system

Preview documents, spreadsheets and videos

Unlimited users

Unlimited data storage

Transparent pricing


  • What is SQL?

    SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used to communicate with a database. It is a programming language used for managing and retrieving data held within a database. One of the main benefits of SQL is that it means businesses can run queries to retrieve large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

  • What is a relational database?

    A relational database is a collection of data organized as a set tables from which data can be accessed. An example of one table might include customer details such as name, address and phone number while another might include order details like product type, purchase amount and customer. An employee could then run a query (using SQL) on the customers that purchased a certain product and add parameters on price for a more specific set of data.

  • What are the benefits of storing data in Azure Cloud?

    In a nutshell: access, performance, data backup and security.

    Microsoft has leveraged its decades-long experience of building enterprise software and running some of the world’s largest online services to create a robust set of security technologies and practices. This means that Azure infrastructure is resilient to attack, safeguards user access to the Azure environment and helps keep data secure through encrypted communications as well as threat management and mitigation practices, including regular penetration testing.


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We created Kradle Software because we felt that there was a gap in the ERP market and that it was due for disruption. Businesses have long been at the mercy of expensive consultancies offering limited ERP options for customizable and integrated business solutions. That is until now.

Michael Haddon

CEO, Kradle

We created a Marketing Operations Management system using Kradle. We’ve streamlined the process of funding requests for campaigns from dispersed marketing staff and can monitor and analyze the relative success of campaigns across the globe. This has meant that managing global marketing spend and analyzing overall ROI can be done centrally so that there is limited wastage or errors.

Raine Gaisford

Global Marketing Manager, Kradle