Pricing FAQ's

  • What is a Databox?

    A databox is a single storage element. Files can be uploaded, and data can be stored in each databox. Each databox has a unique name and description. Multiple databoxes can be linked together according to specific User requirements to form a hierarchical data model.
    Users with appropriate permissions can create and edit a data model and/or add data and upload files to specific databoxes.

  • What is a Task?

    A task is a single core activity that is completed by a User. It can be assigned to an individual User or group of Users. Users with appropriate permissions can create / edit tasks.
    A sequence of interconnected tasks is defined as a workflow. Automatic email/SMS notifications can be set to send task commencement and completion alerts to Users.

  • What is a Template?

    A template is a sequence of interconnected tasks (a workflow) arranged according to pre-defined business rules in order to complete a specific objective. Users with appropriate permissions can create / edit templates. A completed template must be published before it can be used.

  • What do these – Admin, Account Holder, User - roles mean?

    • Admin – can manage User accounts, assign User permissions, create and amend Kradle user features, purchase additional Kradle resources.
    • Account Holder – has responsibility for ensuring subscriptions are paid in accordance with the Terms of Use
    • User – with the appropriate permissions a User is able to create and edit tasks, templates, jobs and reports, complete tasks and view reports

  • Where will my data be located?

    Your data will be located in the datacentre you selected during the account creation process. Currently, there are Kradle datacentres in Sydney (AU), San Francisco (US) and London (UK).

  • What are my purchase options?

    Two versions of Kradle are available.
    • A free version for an unlimited number of Users that lasts for as long as you like.
    • Options for the paid version mean you can either purchase single or multiple ‘base plans’ or alternatively, purchase individual base plan items that suit your needs.

  • What are my billing cycles and payment methods?

    Billing cycles are from month-to-month commencing on the date your account was created. Payments are charged in advance and made by credit card via one of the following payment methods:
    • Mastercard
    • Visa
    • American Express

  • What happens where I reach my usage limits?

    You can monitor your account usage and usage limits from within Kradle. If you reach your usage limits, Kradle will alert you of the need to purchase additional Kradle resources. Usage limits within Kradle will be updated after you purchase.

  • Do prices include applicable taxes?

    Yes. Prices shown are inclusive of all applicable taxes.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes, you can. You can discontinue your subscription at any time by providing at least thirty (30) days written notice. Your subscription will cease at the end of the next monthly subscription term.

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